Cereal Malt Beverage License

Beer Licenses

The County Clerk’s office issues annual cereal malt beverage licenses to serve or sell 3.2% beer to businesses outside of city limits.
  • An application must be filed annually with the County Clerk's office
  • Permit fee for carryout- $85.00
  • Permit fee for consumption on the premises- $135.00
  • Permit fee for special event-$75.00 ($50 permit $25 for State stamp)
  • Kansas law requires that a notice be sent to the township board where the business requesting the license is located
  • The township board has ten days to make a recommendation regarding issuance of the license
  • At that time the Board of County Commissioners considers the license for approval

Requirements for License Acquisition (K.S.A. 41-2703)

  • Resident of the County for at least six months
  • Resident of the State of Kansas for at least one year
  • United States citizen

Corporation Requirements

  • All managers, officers, & directors much be citizens & residents of the State & County
  • All managers, officers, & directors cannot have had-
  1. A cereal malt beverage license revoked
  2. A conviction of violation of cereal malt beverage laws

Application Forms

KS Alcohol and Beverage Control Website Forms
(pdf forms available for an individual, corporate or partnership application)