Additional Recording Requirements

More Information

Below are additional recording requirements for certain documents. For more information, please contact the Register of Deeds Office at (785) 403-0000 Ext 5. 


  • Name and marital status of grantor
  • Name of grantee
  • Generally when recording a deed or an affidavit of equitable interest, a Kansas Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaire is required
  • If the transaction is not a sale, then the applicable exemption must be stated on the document being recorded, and the name and address for tax statements included


  • Mortgage registration tax is calculated by multiplying the total amount of indebtedness by 0.05%. A $10,000 mortgage has a mortgage tax of $5.00. For more information, view the Mortgage and Document Fee Calculator.
  • If an exemption from mortgage registration tax is claimed, a Kansas Mortgage Registration Fee Affidavit must accompany the mortgage when recorded. The affidavit must reflect the correct book and page or document number of the currently open mortgage. This affidavit is a no-charge document and is not included in the page count for calculating filing fees.
  • A Modification of Mortgage must reference the book and page or document number of the mortgage being modified. It must be clear that no additional indebtedness is being added to the modified mortgage. If additional indebtedness is being added, a Kansas Mortgage Registration Fee Affidavit can be used.

Mortgage Releases & Assignments

  • Referenced book and page number or document number must be correct
  • Prior to 2009 the referenced number will be a book and page number; as of 2009 the referenced number will be a document number

Death Certificates

Court Records

  • Must be original or a court-certified copy