Budget Information for Schools, Cities & Misc

2024 Budget Manuals

This manual provides helpful information in the preparation of the budget of a Kansas Municipality. Budgeting for Kansas Municipalities

Budget Forms

Forms from State of Kansas Accounts and Reports (this link takes you to the State of Kansas Website)

Budgets are due to the County Clerk by August 25th in electronic format.

Treasurer's Budget Estimates

The Treasurer's budget information contain estimates for motor vehicle tax (MVT), recreational vehicle tax (RVT), 16-20M Truck tax and other miscellaneous estimates for the upcoming budget year.

2024 Estimates Click Here

Schools-Form 110 - Click Here

Schools Form 138 - Click Here

Clerk's Budget Information

These documents contain the information necessary to complete the budget forms including, estimated July 1 valuation, change in use value, increase in personal property value, prior year's personal property value, prior year's mill levy rates, revenue neutral rate. They are compiled on or before July 1 each year and provided to all taxing entities in Jefferson County.

County Clerks Budget Information

Includes estimates for Cities, Schools, Township and fire Districts and Misc Districts