What are some of your other online mapping resources?
We have a 'Situs Address Locator Map' that you can search a name, street number, street name, and/or city to find the official situs address for a 911 point. You can also click on parcels and points to determine situs address and ownership. We also have two online utility maps available. The 'Utilities Map' is a public map of utility data in Jefferson County. The 'Secured Shared Utilities Map' is a password protected site that can be used to access data by city entities and water districts. For more information on accessing this data contact Jefferson County GIS. We also have a new parcel map that can be accessed on an iPhone or iPad. It requires that you install a free application from the Apple store. With the application you can view parcel data for Jefferson County. The instruction for installing this application and the links to all of the above maps can be found at this link under 'Jefferson County Local Maps'.Featured Online Maps

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1. What kind of maps are available for purchase?
2. Do you have elevation data?
3. Do you have an online map?
4. What are some of your other online mapping resources?
5. Is the interactive map compatible with Internet Explorer 10?