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Fees & Charges
2017 Register of Deeds Office Fee Schedule
All fees are due and payable prior to filing. Make checks payable to the Register of Deeds. We do not accept credit or debit cards.
Type of Charge Fee
Deeds, Mortgages, and Other Instruments of Writing (not to exceed legal size page of 8.5" by 14") First page - $18
 Each additional page -$14
Plats for each page (not to exceed 24" by 36") $29
Mortgage Release (releasing one mortgage) First page - $17
Each additional page - $4
Multiple Mortgages to be Released Each mortgage being released - $13
Mortgage Assignment (assigning one mortgage) First page - $17
Each additional page -$4
Multiple Mortgages to be Assigned Each mortgage being assigned - $13
Certificate (certifying any instrument of record) $10
Federal Tax Lien Notice $29
Federal Tax Lien Release $29
KSA 79-2616(d) Certificate of Tax Lien Search $15
KSA 79-2616(d) Copy of Tax Lien $1 per page
State Tax Lien Release - 1 page only

State Release for overpayment of unemployment benefits-1 page only
Each additional page
Recording page $14
Release page $4
Liens for Materials and Services under KSA 58-201 and amendments thereto $14
LIS Pendens K.S.A. 60-2201

Uniform Commercial Code
The national form is required. See the Secretary of State website for state filing fees.
Type of Charge Fee
Original Financing Statement $15
Amended Financing Statement $15
Continuation Statement $15
Financing Statement Indicating Assignment $15
Statement of Release of all or part of any collateral described in a filed financing statement Up to 10 pages - $15
Each additional page after 10 - $1
Real Estate Mortgage subject to KSA 84-9-402(6) Fixture Filing $15
Termination Statement Up to 10 pages - $15
Each additional page after 10 - $1
Written Information Request $15 per debtor name
Copy Request - A copy of any filed financing statement $1 per page

General Office Charges
Listed below are the general charges for the Register of Deeds Office.
Type of Charge Fee
Copies - In Office $0.25 per page
Faxes & Emails
$1 per page
Mail $1 per page
Small Format Plats $1 per page (8.5" or 14")
17" Large Format Plat $2
24" Large Format Plat $3
36" Large Format Plat $5
Certified Copy $10 for certification per KSA per document plus copy fee
Copies of UCC $1 per page
Computer-Generated Reports $10 computer time
Research Time $20.00 per hour
 Minimum staff time over 15 minutes but less than 1 hour - $10.00

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