Sanitation Codes

Administrative Procedures

The purpose of the Environmental / Sanitary Code is to:
  • Promote the health, safety, comfort, and well-being of the public
  • Prescribe the procedures to be followed in administering this code or any amendments thereto
  • Prescribe the rules, regulations, standards, and enforcement procedures to prevent, minimize, control, or eliminate potential or actual sources or causes of environmental, health, and safety hazards
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Wastewater Disposal

Domestic wastewater is a potential source of disease and water pollution, and a hazard to the health, safety, and welfare of the public. It is the purpose of this chapter to provide minimum standards for the location, design, construction, maintenance, use, and abandonment of domestic on-site wastewater systems, and the removal and disposal of materials from such facilities within the boundaries of the County.

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Water Supplies

The purpose this code is for regulating and controlling the development, maintenance, and use of all water supplies used for human consumption other than public supplies in the unincorporated areas of Jefferson County in order that public health will be protected and the contamination and pollution of the water resources of the county will be prevented.

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