Individual / Family / Community Preparedness

Assistance from Public Health Workers

A natural disaster or man-made disaster brings the risk of increased injury and/or spread of disease. Public Health can work to assure potable water resources are available, or notify the public of the restoration of safe public drinking water supplies. For more information on this, visit the K-State Research and Extension website.

Current Information

Public Health has the responsibility to keep the public advised on the status of health issues occurring during a disaster and to provide the public with the most current information related to the public's safety and health during an emergency. Current information can also be found at the following websites:

Vaccines & Prophylaxis

Public health workers can provide mass vaccination or prophylaxis (disease preventing medicines) clinics to the public following a disaster to reduce the incidence of tetanus infection, influenza, or other spreadable disease. More information can be found at:
Public health workers may be asked to assist with the decontamination of individuals affected by chemicals or toxins, assist with staffing mass shelter facilities, assist with emergency medical clinics, assist in the identification of injured individuals, or assist with similar activities in neighboring states or counties experiencing disasters.

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