Wellness Program

Events and Activities

Beginning January 5th, the Employee Wellness Committee will kick-off Team Challenge 2015. This 12-week program will promote both daily physical activity and healthy eating. The program is intended to help employees adopt a health regimen that will continue beyond the 12 week time frame. Teams of 3-5 persons will be formed. Why teams you ask? The team concept allows support and encouragement throughout the program from fellow team members.

Perry-Lecompton school district has challenged the other five school districts in the county along with Keystone Learning Services and Jefferson County employees to participate and compete amongst one another. Talk of a traveling trophy to be awarded to the business with the biggest percentage of employees participating is in the works!

If you are interested in Team Challenge, please call the health department at 863-2447 and let Misty know of your intent. We would like to have teams signed up and ready to go by December 31st. In addition to Team Challenge, a biometric screening will be offered by the health department on Tuesday, January 6th and Thursday, January 8th from 8:00-4:00 pm. Biometric screening will include height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, abdominal girth, and lab work that includes....

Men’s Lab ($65.00): CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, TSH, HgbA1C, PSA
Women’s Lab ($53.00): CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, TSH, HgbA1C

Wellness Resources

Tasty Treat...How to Burn it Off?

To Burn Off This...
Do This...
Or This...
Or This...
Tasty Treat
Stairstep Machine
Stationary Bike
Brisk Walk (3.5 mph)
Slice of Cheese Pizza
15 min
20 min
36 min
9 Onion Rings
30 min
38 min
71 min
1 oz Potato Chips
17 min
21 min
39 min
Chocolate Shake
29 min
37 min
68 min
1 Beer
16 min
20 min
38 min
Glazed Doughnut
33 min
42 min
78 min
Snickers Bar
30 min
38 min
70 min
1 Slice Apple Pie
45 min
57 min
96 min