Map How-To


Basic Map Controls:

  • Moving- click & drag the map
  • Zooming- use arrow in upper left corner of map or use scroll button on mouse
  • Find a place- use the "Find address or place" search box

Get Map Information:

  • Click on or inside a feature on the map
  • If information exists, a pop-up will display
  • Arrows at the top of the pop-up will show multiple pieces of information (ex. ownership information and city boundary)
  • Note: layer must be visible to get information

Change Visible Layers:

  • Click "Show Contents of Map" icon highlighted in red
  • Click on categories to expand
  • Keep clicking to expand categories until layer names appear with checkboxes to the left
  • Check & uncheck the boxes to turn layers on or off

See Legend:

  • Click on icon highlighted in purple

Change Basemap:

  • Click "Basemap" icon highlighted in orange & select a new basemap