What Do I Get for My Tax Dollar ?

Divided Dollar 2023 Budget

Services Received or Provided by County Departments

What do I get for my tax dollar ?

  • Public Health, Home Health and Hospice Services- 312 immunization visits, 211 maternal child-health visits, 126 health start visits, 352 adult health visits and screenings, 952 Women Infant and Children contacts, 966 sanitation visits, 2706 skilled nursing visits and much more….
  • Maintenance of 865 miles of road, (156 miles of blacktop, 38 miles of dirt and 671 miles of gravel) and 159 bridges
  • Ambulance service – In 2022 the ambulance department handled 1,634 calls for service and 948 transports to the hospital.  . 
  • Sheriff’s patrol and jail-The sheriff’s office responded to 8,979 calls in 2011 which resulted in 6,280 cases. They served 107 warrants and generated 2,439 civil process services, booked 560 inmates and scheduled 95 sheriff’s sales of property.
  •  Emergency Dispatch for Fire, Ambulance and Police – The department handled 48,762 calls for service in 2022.  There were 5,644 911 calls, 3,085 burn permits, 40,033 Admin phone calls and 13,855 cases generated.  
  • Land management through the Planning & Zoning Office
  • Recording of land transfers, mortgages and other legal documents through the Register of Deeds
  • Vehicle tags and titles through the County Treasurer
  • Property Tax collection and distribution through the County Treasurer
  • Electronic mapping through the GIS Office
  • Noxious Weed eradication through the Auxiliary Services department
  • Recycling of Household Hazardous Waste through Auxiliary Services

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