Jefferson County COVID- 19 Vaccine Information

When will I be able to get vaccinated?

 If you are someone who qualifies for vaccine in Phase 1, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has stated they expect that it will take through January to complete that phase, based on vaccine ability.   Phase 1 of the Kansas Vaccination plan is to vaccinate health care workers, residents or patients in Long-term Care facilities and workers who are critical to pandemic response continuity.  KDHE expects that it will take through January to complete Phase 1.


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The phases of the Kansas Vaccination plan were announced by Governor Kelly on January 7, 2021.  The Jefferson County Health Department will announce via social media, the county website, and the county newspaper when vaccine is available.  Please contact the Jefferson County Health Department at 785-403-0025 to be added to the county waitlist.  


 Who is included in Phase 2 of the Kansas vaccination plan?

 The list of groups for the next phase (Phase 2) shown in the new plan, include:


  • Persons Aged 65+
  • Congregate settings (anyone living or working in licensed congregate settings and other special care or congregate environments)
  • High-contact critical workers (those providing critical series who are at a higher risk of being infected, because their jobs require consistent and close contact with a large number of individuals)

 Due to the high number of individuals included in phase 2, this phase could take a few months to get enough vaccine allocation to complete this phase.  Please be patient, we will work diligently to get all the vaccine administered as quickly and safely as possible.  


When can the lower risk categories expect to get vaccinated?

 Those who are in lower-risk categories will most likely get vaccinated in late spring/ early summer.  These timelines are subject to change and will depend on vaccine availability.   


 How do I register and sign up?

To be added to the Jefferson County waitlist, please call 785-403-0025 and select option # 6.  If you do not get a live person, please leave only one message and we will call you back.  If you have not received a call back within 24 hours, please call us again. 


If you are part of a large employer base; school district, fire department, large business employer, etc.,- you may sign up through your employer and your employer may send us those signup sheets. We will notify those groups when vaccine is available.


If I have signed up and am on the waitlist how will I get notified.

 You will receive a phone call with information about when and where your vaccination clinic will be held.  If we do not reach you, we will call again and leave a message with the information. 


 How will I be notified of when to come back for the 2nd dose?

 The staff member vaccinating you will discuss your return date for the second dose. An appointment will be scheduled for your 2nd dose prior to leaving the clinic. 

Where will vaccination clinics be held?

 We are still working on plans for mass vaccination clinics in Jefferson County and we will communicate that to the public via phone calls to those who have signed up, the Jefferson County Health Department Facebook page, the Jefferson County website at and the local county newspaper.


Where can I get additional information?

  For additional information you can contact the Jefferson County Health Department at 785-403-0025.

 The Kansas Vaccination plan can be found at 

 Kansas COVID-19 Vaccine information can be found at